Lands of Chaos
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Lands of Chaos

Lands of Chaos is a point and click adventure mmorpg. The in game world features a vast and varied landscape with 100 areas to explore. Players may grind for resources, sell off goods, and participate in pvp combat. Funds earned in the game may be cashed out to your bitcoin wallet in real life at no minimum. The interface is inspired by muds like Legend of the Red Dragon. 
  • Explore a vast online multiplayer world.
  • Earn funds from pvp looting, woodcutting, fishing, hunting, and cooking activities.
  • Chat with other players to form alliances or rivalries.
  • Cash out funds with as bitcoin via FaucetHub or FaucetSystem.
  • One fund is worth two satoshi.
  • Withdraw funds to bitcoin at no minimum threshold.

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